California Gold Rush Collector's Edition:

Note (2014): Since there are only a few of Doug’s handmade wooden boxes left, sales of the Collector’s Edition have been put on hold. The remaining copies may be sold in the future. You may contact Customer Service via E-mail, if you wish to be placed on a waiting list.

See the software description page for information on the wooden box package contents.


Collector's Edition wooden boxes
are handmade by one of the authors
of California Gold Rush.


...make it your ambition to lead a quiet life
and attend to your own business and work
with your hands, just as we commanded you;
 so that you may behave properly toward
outsiders and not be in any need.

I Thessalonians 4:11 and 12
(from the Bible)

A note from Doug MacNeill:

My mother grew up in a large eighteen-room house that she shared with her extended family.  She was an only child, the last of a family line that stretched back to the Mayflower.  The house had been in the family for many generations and needless to say was filled with innumerable family treasures.  Upon my grandmother's death, my mother being the sole heir, inherited the family home and all of its contents.

Much has changed since those days when I could walk through that old house in Vermont, but when I get the chance I still enjoy looking at material that came from there.  Some of the things I appreciate the most are the many wooden boxes my ancestors kept and used to store small items that were special to them.  It is my hope that the wooden boxes I made for the Collector's Edition of California Gold Rush will be kept and used in the same way.

Enjoy the game!