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About the Authors


Meet the authors of California Gold Rush!

The MacNeill brothers, Ken and Doug MacNeill.

Ken and Doug MacNeill, born in New York, lived many years in the heart of the California Gold country while working for a major software development company.

Recently they and their families took a trip in their modern-day covered wagons, visiting many of the historic sites along the California / Oregon Trail.  Here are a few pictures from that trip:

Here are the "wagons" on the Oregon / California Trail, stopped to visit the grave of a 49er
 who never made it to the gold fields of California.

Ken and Doug about to climb Chimney Rock, just as thousands
of gold rush participants did in 1849.

This is Ice Slough where the 49er's found a layer of ice a few feet below the surface of the ground.  Doug is holding the diary of William Swain, published in a book called The World Rushed In, by J.S. Holliday.  It is a valuable resource when studying this period in history.



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