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CALIFORNIA GOLD RUSH is full of light-hearted, challenging fun for the whole family. Become Jerrod Wilson and experience what it was like to live during one of the most exciting periods in American history. The interactive format of this software will bring it to life!


California Gold Rush is a large, detailed adventure game comprised of several unique sections, like chapters in a book. Although it may take weeks or months to complete the entire game, you will enjoy satisfying accomplishments all along the way. With three separate routes from New York to California, itís like having three full adventures in one package!

BROOKLYN, N.Y.: Jerrod enjoys a comfortable, secure life where he and his brother Jake grew up. As the story unfolds, discover Jerrodís motivation to leave everything and head west. You will need to take care of personal business, find passage to California and prepare specifically for the route you choose to take. Play each of the three different routes.

OVERLAND: First, travel to Independence, Missouri. Once Jerrod has set up camp, there will be much to do and many critical decisions to make before heading west, into Indian Territory and rugged terrain. If you are going to survive the extreme conditions of the overland trek to California, you will need to muster all the frontier savvy you have!

PANAMA: Travel by ship through the Gulf Stream to the Isthmus of Panama. Proceed on foot to the Pacific side through the dense jungles of Central America (sorry, no Panama Canal existed in the 1840ís). If you make it past the natives, quicksand, gators, snakes, and who knows what else to Panama City, a ship will come to take you to California.

CAPE HORN: Become a seafarer and take a long, perilous voyage from the East Coast of North America around the tip of South Americaís Cape Horn, up the West Coast and through the Golden Gate. True mariners must combat scurvy, starvation and the dangers of the deep in order to survive.

CALIFORNIA: Getting to California really is only half the fun because the game is far from over once you arrive. You will still need to solve many intriguing puzzles in Sacramento, Sutterís Fort, Coloma, and more.

The package includes:

 A beautiful, poster-sized map of the period showing all three routes to California ® A Userís Guide with detailed setup and playing instructions ® Historical background on the California Gold Rush of 1849 ® Helpful suggestions for playing each section of the game ® Information to help you plan a vacation to the Gold Country!

The Collector's Edition comes in a hand-made wooden box.



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